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We did a little Q + A sesh with Erica! Keep reading to get to know her better!

Q: You aren't originally from Florida, so where are you from and what brought you to St Petersburg?

Erica: I’m originally from Houston, TX- what a cliche, I moved here cause of an ex. I fell in love with Pass-A-Grill, that was the first beach I went to here. I remember seeing my girls play in the ocean for the first time & the peace it gave me. I just knew this would be my forever home.

Q: When did you enter the Cosmetology Industry?

Erica: I entered cosmetology here locally at Loraine’s Academy. I finished cosmetology in 2015. I still remember knowing I wanted to do something more. Especially as a single mother. I enjoyed it so much. I found my passion all by accident.

Q: You have three daughters! Tell us what a typical day is for you.

Erica: A typical day for me depends on the day of the week. Mondays are probably the most hectic- that’s where I get all my errands done, most of my meal prep, etc. Plan out our dinners, make sure to check my list twice so I don’t forget anything. Wash clothes, pick up & drop off my youngest. Figure out which social media I’m going to post and start to get that organized. Try to get some time with my fiancé, even though I already call him my husband :)

Q: What are some of your favorite aspects of being a hairstylist?

Erica: My most enjoyable aspect of being a hairstylist would be the moment I turn the client around and that first smile after the styling process. Also, I love hearing all the stories that clients tell me-some are pretty funny. And I cannot forget the joy of enhancing their appearance and uplifting them when they are having a rough day.

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At Parlour 727, we do not double book, which means we only schedule one client at a time. Here are some reasons why:

1. Enhanced Customer Experience: We strive for exceptional customer service. By avoiding double booking, we can provide a more personalized and focused experience for each client. Our clients receive our full attention and time, ensuring they receive high-quality service and feel valued.

2. Improved Efficiency: Double booking can lead to overlapping appointments, causing delays and rushed services-this also creates a "factory" type of atmosphere and no one likes that! By scheduling one client at a time, we can better manage our resources and ensure that each appointment is properly timed. This reduces waiting times and creates a smoother workflow for everyone!

3. Reduced Stress and Mistakes: Double booking can put significant pressure on hairstylists, as they try to accommodate multiple clients simultaneously. This can lead to stress, exhaustion, and potential mistakes during the appointment. By avoiding double booking, we can focus on delivering high-quality services without feeling overwhelmed or rushed.

Overall, not double booking in a salon brings numerous benefits, including improved customer experience, increased efficiency, accurate service durations, reduced stress and better time management. This is why double booking is a N-O for us!



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I have three kids and this is a nightmare scenario for me. At home, we use the Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel line because lice is something I do not want to deal with.

Now, when it comes to preventing lice when kids go back to school, there are several measures you can take. Lice (yuck!) are primarily spread through direct head-to-head contact, so the following strategies can help reduce the risk:

  1. Teach your children good personal hygiene: Encourage children to avoid head-to-head contact with their peers. Explain the importance of not sharing hats, scarves, combs, brushes, or other personal items that come into contact with the head. Sounds impossible but maybe they will listen to us the one time it matters!

  2. Regularly check for lice: Perform routine checks of your child's scalp and hair, especially after they've been in close contact with others, such as during sleepovers or playdates. Early detection can help prevent lice from spreading further.

  3. Tie up long hair: For children with long hair, keeping it tied up can reduce the chances of lice transmission. Braids, buns, or ponytails are effective styles that minimize the opportunities for lice to move from one person to another.

  4. Use a lice repellent spray: Consider using a lice repellent spray or hair product containing natural ingredients like tea tree oil or neem oil. These products may help deter lice from infesting the hair. {Enter: Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel}

  5. Educate children about lice: Teach your children about lice and how they spread. Make sure they understand the importance of avoiding head-to-head contact and not sharing personal items.

  6. Wash bedding and personal items: Regularly wash and dry your child's bedding, hats, scarves, and any other items that come into contact with their hair or head. Use hot water and high heat in the dryer, as lice are sensitive to heat.

  7. Inform the school: If your child does get lice, notify the school so that they can take appropriate measures to prevent the further spread of lice among the students.

  8. Treat promptly if infested: If your child does get lice, it's essential to start treatment promptly. There are various over-the-counter lice treatments available, including shampoos and creams, that can effectively eliminate lice. Follow the instructions on the product carefully and repeat the treatment as recommended. A couple recommendations are Cure! and Nix Ultra. You might just want to keep one of these handy, so you have it if you need it immediately.

Remember that preventing lice entirely may not be possible, but by implementing these preventive measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of infestation and minimize the spread within the school environment.

My head was so itchy writing this-Creepy Crawlies! Hope this helps with your Back to School adventures!


~Lauren at Parlour 727

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