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Updated: Oct 22, 2022

This should be on everyone's Amazon Wishlist. Seriously.

Within days after starting this product, my lashes were changing; they appeared thicker, and they held mascara better. I knew I made the right choice when I decided to try it out.

Fast forward 6 months, my lashes are so much longer! Highly recommend.

This is my short and sweet product review. Thanks for checking it out!


P.S. Here are two ways you can purchase this magical product: Amazon

Salon Interactive

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In January 2020, January 7, to be exact, I opened my little dream at 3030 Central Ave, in the Grand Central District of St Pete. Thennnnnn the Pandemic hit. It was quite a year for us all, I know. Parlour 727 made it through with support from its clients and the community; showing me just another reason why I am so grateful to live in St Petersburg, FL.

Fast forward to now, the team at Parlour 727 has been growing and it makes me so excited to see the changes that are happening and the changes that are coming. Our focus is Happiness, Confidence, Consistency and Communication.

Please, keep up with us here, and visit us in the salon. We love being a part of the gem, St Pete truly is.


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