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Meet Erica Serrano!

We did a little Q + A sesh with Erica! Keep reading to get to know her better!

Q: You aren't originally from Florida, so where are you from and what brought you to St Petersburg?

Erica: I’m originally from Houston, TX- what a cliche, I moved here cause of an ex. I fell in love with Pass-A-Grill, that was the first beach I went to here. I remember seeing my girls play in the ocean for the first time & the peace it gave me. I just knew this would be my forever home.

Q: When did you enter the Cosmetology Industry?

Erica: I entered cosmetology here locally at Loraine’s Academy. I finished cosmetology in 2015. I still remember knowing I wanted to do something more. Especially as a single mother. I enjoyed it so much. I found my passion all by accident.

Q: You have three daughters! Tell us what a typical day is for you.

Erica: A typical day for me depends on the day of the week. Mondays are probably the most hectic- that’s where I get all my errands done, most of my meal prep, etc. Plan out our dinners, make sure to check my list twice so I don’t forget anything. Wash clothes, pick up & drop off my youngest. Figure out which social media I’m going to post and start to get that organized. Try to get some time with my fiancé, even though I already call him my husband :)

Q: What are some of your favorite aspects of being a hairstylist?

Erica: My most enjoyable aspect of being a hairstylist would be the moment I turn the client around and that first smile after the styling process. Also, I love hearing all the stories that clients tell me-some are pretty funny. And I cannot forget the joy of enhancing their appearance and uplifting them when they are having a rough day.

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