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Parlour 727 is a Couples' Choice Award Winner!

We are honored to receive this acknowledgement. Thank you to the amazing stylists and artists who have contributed to this award!!

If you are a couple planning your wedding, choosing a Couples’ Choice Award winner for bridal hair and makeup can offer several benefits! Here are some key advantages:

Proven Track Record: Couples’ Choice Awards are typically given to vendors who consistently deliver outstanding services and customer satisfaction. By selecting a winner in the bridal hair and makeup category, you can have confidence in their expertise and professionalism.

Quality Assurance: Winning a Couples’ Choice Award reflects a vendor's commitment to excellence. It indicates that they have received positive reviews and feedback from past clients, demonstrating their ability to meet and exceed expectations. This ensures you're working with a reputable and reliable professional who will prioritize your satisfaction.

Experience and Expertise: Couples’ Choice Award winners in the bridal hair and makeup category often have extensive experience in the wedding industry. They have honed their skills by working with numerous clients and have a deep understanding of bridal trends, styles, and preferences. Their expertise allows them to create flawless looks that enhance your natural beauty and align with your vision for the wedding day.

Stress-Free Wedding Day: Planning a wedding can be stressful, but choosing a Couples’ Choice Award winner for your hair and makeup can help alleviate some of that stress. These professionals are experienced in handling wedding day logistics, ensuring they arrive on time, are prepared, and work efficiently to create the perfect bridal look. Their expertise and professionalism allow you to relax and enjoy the process, knowing you're in capable hands.

To sum it up, choosing a Couples Choice Award winner for bridal hair and makeup offers the assurance of quality, experience, and expertise. It reduces stress, provides a personalized experience, and allows you to enjoy your wedding day with confidence in your chosen professional.

We LOVE our Parlour 727 Brides!!!!

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